In Focus: E-Z Red PP12PK Battery/Utility Brush Kit

The E-Z Red PP12PK Battery and Utility Brush Kit features a 1/4" hexagonal drive shaft for use with an air drill or cordless driver. These durable stainless steel brushes help technicians quickly and efficiently clean, polish and remove corrosion from battery posts and terminals quickly using a cordless drill or pneumatic drill.  

Features and benefits

  • 1/4" hexagonal drive shaft  to use with air drill or cordless driver.
  • Quickly and efficiently clean and polish corroded battery posts. Utility brush provides access to hard-to-reach surfaces like head gaskets, brake calipers or any rusty body area.
  • Very strong stainless steel brushes that last a long time.


The PP12PK Battery/Utility Brush Kit provides technicians with a faster and more effective way to clean battery terminals. Either top post or side post, these brushes will complete the job quickly and easily.


These brushes have been patented and sold to battery manufactures to clean the terminals before they went to market.  Now that the quick disconnect is popular on drills, it is a great product for a technician.

Manufacturer specs

The stainless steel brushes feature injected ABS plastic. E-Z Red recommends using the brushes between 400 to 800 rpm. 

Storage and display

The PP12PK kit comes with the following items: 

  • Three (3)  509SSHQD utility brushes
  • Six (6) 505BTSSHQD top post power battery brushes
  • Three (3) 506COSSHQD side terminal and group 31 power battery brushes

These units come in a four-color, refillable box. Distributors can remove the plastic wrap and display on the truck. 

Suggested retail price

Each brush can be sold for $9.99

For more information

(800) 522-7947