In Focus: IPA Light Ranger MUTT

The Innovative Products of America Light Ranger Mobile Universal Trailer Tester (MUTT), No. 9101, a light and electric brake tester for utility- and RV-type trailers, has a water-resistant and portable design that allows users to test a trailer without the tow vehicle. Compatible with 7-spade, 6-round and 4/5-flat-pin connection types, it can simulate all electrical circuits while providing industry standard pin configuration and short circuit protection. The tool comes with a rugged, American-made enclosure utilizing a strong carrying handle, external power accessory port and internal battery compartment that fits motorcycle type batteries.


Selling points

  • The Ranger MUTT can be used as a tote and promote item.
  • It saves time by allowing the technician to test a trailer without the truck.
  • It provides industry standard wiring configuration, turn signal simulation and short circuit protection.
  • It has a durable and quality design that is made and assembled in the U.S.A.
  • The MUTT is a “gateway” product that can lead to additional sales of electrical testers for vehicles, pin cleaners and more.


Features and benefits

The Ranger MUTT gives technicians the ability to fully inspect all areas of critical trailer function without the tow vehicle. This includes lighting and electric brake circuits. Using the Ranger MUTT, the technician has a convenient method to power individual circuits and visually inspect components for proper function. In the case of a malfunction, the technician can fully inspect the circuitry and confirm whether the issue is present in the trailer itself or stems from the vehicle not providing the proper signal. This can be done without a second set of hands or a vehicle present, allowing techs to work more efficiently.



The Ranger MUTT facilitates trailer inspections and is used to power the trailer in the shop after a wiring repair to confirm a properly working trailer is returned to the customer.



Trailers are exposed to the harshest of road conditions, as the towing vehicle kicks up dust, rocks, salt and water, spewing it against the trailer. These elements form a constant barrage against the trailer’s wiring harnesses for lights and brakes.

Additionally, trailers spend a lot of time sitting and are often parked over grass, where moisture soaks in, creating corrosion on the electrical connectors, copper wiring and steel frames. For these reasons, trailer lighting and brake failures are common.

While the root causes of most trailer wiring problems are simple, they are often difficult to diagnose without proper test equipment.



The Ranger MUTT is made in the U.S.A. The circuitry is housed in a durable, ABS weatherproof ammo box and it runs on a 12V motorcycle battery. The whole package without a battery weighs about 2 lbs.


Storage and display

The Ranger MUTT ships in a high-quality retail box, which provides numerous application shots as well as features and benefits to explain the product to the customer. Most technicians, however, have a hands-on mentality, so having an opened unit available for them to handle will help in making the sale.


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