In Focus: Clore Pro-Logix PL2510 Intelligent Battery Charger / Maintainer

The SOLAR Pro-Logix Battery Charger/Maintainer with Engine Start, No. PL2510, from Clore Automotive combines fully automatic operation with the ability to charge multiple battery types by selecting the 10/6/2 amp and 6V/12V functions. The charger utilizes advanced, microprocessor-controlled logic to precisely deliver a fully automatic charging routine designed to optimally charge and maintain conventional, AGM, gel cell, spiral wound, deep-cycle and marine batteries. This charger can provide 55 amps of engine-starting assistance, supplying a sudden surge of power to start depleted batteries. The unit makes adaptations for each battery it services, including a soft-start mode on deeply discharged batteries, a battery repair mode and temperature compensation when charging in extreme temperatures.


Selling points

  • Provides fully automatic operation, eliminating the possibility of overcharging.
  • Properly charges all lead acid battery types, including flooded, AGM, spiral wound, gel cell, marine and deep-cycle batteries.
  • Offers the ability to boost depleted batteries using its engine start function.


Features and benefits

The Solar PL2510 incorporates advanced charging technology to ensure a beneficial service to each battery and vehicle encountered. It features automatic operation, with an enhanced maintenance mode once the battery has reached full charge. It also features temperature compensation to deliver a beneficial charge in all environments. It has special modes, such as “soft start” and “battery repair,” which automatically activate when charging problem batteries. It has specific charge settings for flooded, AGM and gel cell batteries to ensure a proper charge, regardless of battery construction.



The PL2510 is for charging and maintaining 6V and 12V lead acid batteries of all types and constructions. With three charging rates from 2A to 10A, it is versatile enough to properly charge everything from the small batteries found in powersport, and lawn and garden applications to the large batteries found in cars, trucks, SUVs and light duty commercial vehicles. It also provides 55 amps of engine starting assistance to boost vehicles with depleted batteries.



This product combines the company’s transformer charging technology with advanced electronics for precise automatic charging. Its case is made with high-impact ABS plastic and features heavy duty, weather-rated cables and clamps. The unit is ETL-approved to meet UL1236 and CSA-22 standards for automotive battery chargers.


Storage and display

PL2510 units are packaged in a display carton that highlights the key features and benefits of the product. Each unit is individually packaged in a shipper carton.

The perfect way to merchandise the unit on the truck is to place it on a toolbox surface and set it up to run connected to a battery. The unit provides a great deal of feedback during setup and operation, and gets attention when in operation.


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