Get in your customer's face, make more sales

Dave Putits, a Cornwell dealer, gives each customer a flyer at the beginning of every month. He also places them in service bays and in restrooms.

The Cornwell Tools software recently added a new feature that Putits hopes to use. He will be able to create flyers using drop-and-drag art from the company's website.

He makes it a point to carry tools with him into the shops. "I'm real big on walking-in tools," he says.

Putits covers every square inch of his walls with tool displays, including the area above the driver's seat.

He finds toolboxes are great for displaying toolbox canopies. He has found toolbox canopies great accessories.

A wall-mounted, 6'-by-4', video recorder from RapidFix, an adhesive manufacturer, has added a high-tech, audio-visual experience to Putit's truck. "I get guys mesmerized by it," he says. "It's a great marketing tool."


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