What products do you stock? Independent weighs in

Matt Sledge, an independent mobile tool distributor in Murfreesburo, Tenn., has been continuing to better his business since Professional Distributor last spoke with him in September 2008. Now in the business for 12 years, Sledge continues to change up his inventory and looks for new and innovative products to keep on his truck. 

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Tools to stock

Sledge recently returned from the Integrated Supply Network (ISN) Tool Expo, held at the end of June in Orlando. The product that made the biggest impression on him was ISN's Monster line of tool storage. Sledge has been impressed with how far the toolbox line has come. "It gives you all the new features at a low cost," says Sledge. "It's really nice and a good value for us independent people."

As for other tools he's stocking, Sledge has started to focus more on selling Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. power tools.

"Milwaukee is probably my most leading product on the truck now," says Sledge. He attributes this to the customer service he receives from the company, as well as the quality of product.

"I can't wait to see customers buy it and put it in their hands. Every time they do, they come back the following week and say 'Man, why did I wait so long to buy this?' " he says. "When you get positive feedback like that over and over again, you know it's a no-brainer when you're selling it."

Sledge has also found that he's been selling quite a few AIRCAT 1200K 1/2" Drive Impact Guns.

"AIRCAT, they have really stepped up, and their tool is becoming hotter and hotter," says Sledge. "The more people that put the tool in their hand, and use it, the more people buy it. Once it gets out there, they start selling themselves."

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