Ingersoll Rand 3/8" and 1/2" Cordless Ratchet Wrenches

The Ingersoll Rand R3130 3/8” and R3150 1/2” cordless ratchets are the latest tools in the IQ V20 Series. This tool’s 20V lithium-ion battery is compatible with the other cordless tools in the series so distributors can sell the entire product suite. The convenience of a cordless tool gives technicians the ability to do repairs outside the shop without having to drag out an air hose.


Selling points

  • The R3130 and R3150 are in a class of their own, with true 3/8”-class performance — very different from the many 1/4”-class lower voltage cordless ratchets now on the market.
  • Distributors can count on the fact that the R3130 and R3150 are manufactured with the same durable heads as Ingersoll Rand air-powered ratchets, which are proven to stand up to tough bolts.
  • A technician will typically hook up two to five different tools during the course of a job. Using this cordless ratchet allows the technician to spend less time connecting and disconnecting tools from the air line so he or she can complete the job more efficiently with less time wasted.
  • The R3130 and R3150 feature a slim profile and inline battery orientation to allow access to anywhere a full-powered air ratchet can reach, without giving up any of the performance.


Features and benefits

The compact 20V lithium-ion battery gives technicians freedom from air lines and the versatility to use this tool anywhere inside or outside the shop, saving them time from having to constantly change tools on the shop air lines. The battery is compatible with the other IQ V20 Series cordless tools so technicians always have a fresh battery when they need it and can complete projects faster.

With the unique slim-line design, the battery pack sits behind the palm of a technician’s hand and the ratchet can fit into the same spots as his or her arm, providing easy access to tight spots. The cordless ratchet also delivers 54 ft/lbs of torque to quickly complete automotive and industrial equipment repairs. In addition, the patent-pending metal and composite housing and all-metal gear train help the tool survive repeated drops on garage floors.



These ratchets are ideal for brake and engine repairs and undercar work, as well as a wide range of industrial maintenance applications.



The R3130 was manufactured to replace the Ingersoll Rand R380 ratchet wrench. The R380 had a parallel battery pack that limited its reach. The R3130 has an in-line battery design that enables the tool to fit into spaces the size of the user’s arm. The innovative battery design was the biggest improvement made to the new ratchet. The power-driven ratchet is one of the most used tools in a technician’s toolbox. The R3130 and R3150 were developed to enable productivity by offering cordless “freedom” from the air hose.

The two problems to solve were to deliver a cordless alternative that did not sacrifice performance and to overcome the “perception of bigness” of the battery. By utilizing a high-power motor and the company’s 107XPA ratchet head along with innovative battery orientation, the company was able to overcome both problems.


Manufacturing specs

All the IQV20 Series cordless tools are designed in Annandale, N.J., and made in the Ingersoll Rand manufacturing facility located in Changzhou, China. The R3130 ratchet, used in conjunction with the 1.5 or 3.0 Ah battery pack, weighs 4.4 lbs and offers 54 ft/lbs of torque. The patent-pending metal and composite housing makes the tool lightweight for easy operation, yet durable enough to withstand repeated drops.


Storage and display

The R3130 and R3150 are available as bare tools and in kits with one or two 1.5 Ah lithium-ion batteries. Kits are assembled in a durable, blow-molded case with spring hinges, which allow the top to be removed for display or storage in the drawer of a toolbox.


Suggested retail price

  • R3130 3/8” 20V ratchet: $362
  • R3130-K1 kit w/ R3130, charger, (1) BL2005 battery and case: $499
  • R3130-K2 kit w/ R3130, charger, (2) BL2005 batteries and case: $629
  • R3150 1/2” 20V ratchet: $371
  • R3150-K1 kit w/ R3150, charger, (1) BL2005 battery and case: $506
  • R3150-K2 kit w/ R3150, charger, (2) BL2005 batteries and case: $646


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