Sales tip: Let customers teach you how to sell

Whenever you sell a cool new or a special order tool, be sure you ask your customer if there is a particular application that he has in mind for this tool. Face it, if your customer is a Harley mechanic and has a certain need it is only logical that almost all Harley mechanics will have the same need. For instance, if he is having a hard time getting at a head bolt on a Road King then every Harley mechanic performing that task could have the same problem.

This customer's need for that tool is your presentation for the next Harley technican you call on. Remember, customers love the fact that you are thinking about them and especially if you bring in a solution to a problem they have.

"Hi Joe…I recently sold this (fill-in-the-blank) wrench to Mike Smith who is a mechanic at the Harley dealer across town. He said he had a problem getting to the rear head bolts on a Road King and this tool does the trick very well.

"Would you like one too?"

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