Know your margins

"Always take into consideration your cost; how much you want to earn from something," says Cornwell Dealer J.R. Lopez.

"For example, I get items on promotion from Cornwell. Last November, we had a meeting and smoke machines were on sale. Someone from Redline Detection came in and gave us CDs and explained what the machine was all about. So I took advantage of that and in the month of November, I sold eight smoke machines.

“I sold the first one to a Martino Tire store,” J.R. said. From that sale, he got four more sales with other Martino Tire locations. “I took advantage of that first sale to earn others.” J.R. helped spread good word of mouth on the product through the other locations, having them talk with the happy techs at the first store.

“It’s not only the sale. You take a product, learn about the product, become knowledgeable about the product, show the product and then you can sell the product. That’s why I think I was able to sell so many of them.”

J.R. also takes advantage of promo pricing and sales to create packages.

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