In Focus: Mastercool Automatic and Programmable RRR machine

Mastercool's Recovery/Recycle/Recharge A/C machine, No. 69788, is SAE J-2788 compliant and can run automatically or manually. Database includes capacity on more than 1,000 vehicles from 1995-2007, and can be upgraded. The machine's LCD and alarm will warn when a filter change is required. The compact, manueverable unit runs on 115V.

Features and benefits 

The automatic programmable features of the RRR Machine allow the technician to easily perform SAE 2788 certified RRR procedures. The 69788 can also be set to manual operation for individual procedures.

• Design certified for compliance with SAE J2788.
New A/C systems are smaller. Machines must charge within 0.5 oz and recover 95 percent of the refrigerant.

• Automatic/programmable or manual operation.

The 69788 can be programmed to complete a continuous recovery/recycle, vacuum, vacuum leak test and recharge. The machine can also be set to run each operation individually.

• Includes Refrigerant Capacity Database, for more than 1,000 vehicles.

Includes refrigerant capacities for domestic and import makes and models from 1998 to 2010. The 69788 is capable of software upgrades as well.

• Auto vacuum leak testing.

Pauses cycle and monitors vacuum level to inform the technician of possible leaks.

• Auto oil discharge.

Oil is automatically discharged during the recovery process into a graduated container clearly displaying the amount of oil that was removed during the recovery process.

• Auto air purge.

Automatically purges air from the tank upon initial start-up or when the tank pressure is too high.

• Auto filter alarm.

The machine’s LCD and alarm will warn that a filter change is required.

• Compact footprint.

The machine’s compact design makes it easy to maneuver and requires minimal shop space.


This unit allows the technician to perform all required RRR functions in accordance with SAE 2788. Distributors now have an Automatic / Programmable SAE certified machine at the price of a manual machine.


  • 115V/60 Hz.
  • 6 CFM vacuum pump.
  • Internally mounted 30 lb-DOT tank.
  • Dimensions: 41” H x 24” W x 22” D.
  • Weight: 187 lbs.

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