Take advantage of tool shows

I just read Mark Menozi's sales tip from last week about building his tool storage sales and his preparation before he goes to the Matco Expo. (Read Mark's tip here.)

Mark got me thinking about the suppliers viewpoint of the various mobile jobber shows we participate in each year.

This year will make my seventh year participating on the mobile jobber show circuit, and in my opinion the things that really separate the successful jobbers are "pre-show planning" and "at the show" behavior.

It never fails, the jobber who comes in to our booth with a notebook full of written topics for each supplier, and a bunch of ideas is the jobber who is wearing a "TOP 250" or a "TOP 100" badge. He has specific questions written down and individual customer comments to pass along. Some even come in with product or promotion ideas ready to go. These are the jobbers who really are prepared for success.

The second point is the "at-the-show behavior." Those same jobbers with the TOP 100 badge on are the same ones who are still on the show floor on the third day. They are the ones who ask every booth "what's new?" They are the ones who ask "What is the application for this tool and can you show me how to demo it?"

These are the jobbers who also spend every penny they can at the show since the pricing is heavily discounted by the suppliers providing for excellent margin enhancement.

The first shows begin next month ... start preparing for a successful show now!

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