Pushing toolboxes

One of the things distributor Mark Menozi does leading up to his brand's annual tool expo is to pre-qualify customers who are looking for new toolboxes.

He lets interested customers know that there will be toolbox deals associated with the show and he takes pre-orders from customers that he can get approved for financing.

Mark said the work is definitely worth it. In fact, one of his toolbox sales took place almost completely over the phone while he was at expo. 

“There’s good money in toolboxes — I sell quite a few toolboxes.”

In addition to his push at expo time, he has allotted space on his truck to stock three toolboxes. He carries one each of the 4S, 5S and 6S Matco series toolboxes “to show more variety and give everybody the different pricing options.” He keeps the premium 6S series toolbox nearest the front of the truck so all the techs see it, even if they’re just climbing up to make a quick payment and go right back to work.

The best way to increase toolbox sales “is getting one toolbox into a shop; once one person there gets one, they pretty much sell themselves,” Mark said.

“You never know when someone’s going to be ready for a new box. Everybody wants a new box; it’s just a question of being stocked when they are,” said Mark, who aims to sell one toolbox a week.

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