In Focus: SP Tools Offset Damper Pulley Holding Tool

Features & Benefits
Schley Products/SP Tools has upgraded their original Offset Damper Pulley Holding Tool, No. 60100, to accommodate more applications where extended length is necessary. The new 4" length is longer than the original and comes with more applications, such as a square drive design that fits 1/2" ratchets or breaker bars.

Other features include:
• 50 mm hex holds harmonic damper pulley for removal of crank bolt on most Honda and Acuras.
• 4" offset design works with all old and the new applications, including Ridgeline 3.5L V6 (2006 and later), Element 2.4L 4-cylinder (2003 and later), MDX 3.7L V6 (2007 and later) and RDX 2.3L turbo (2006 and later).
• 1/2" square drive for breaker bar or ratchet attachment point to hold harmonic damper pulley.
• Adequate sized hole in center of tool allows crank bolt access.

In Schley Products/SP Tools' ongoing search for specialty tool applications, they recognized the difficult problem of servicing Hondas and Acuras. Technicians tried holding the crankshaft pulley with chain wrenches, belt tools and more, but with little success.

Cast into Honda and Acura crankshaft pulleys is a hex opening surrounding the crankshaft bolt. In response, Schley designed a tool with a 50 mm hex, and a large opening in the hex, to accommodate a large socket to attach to and remove the crankshaft bolt. The 60100A was used to firmly hold the crankshaft pulley stationary using a ratchet or breaker bar, while breaking loose the crankshaft bolt. The new 60100A has an extended length to accommodate newer applications found on later Honda and Acura models.

Selling points
• Easy to use, techs can attach either a ratchet or breaker bar to the tool and slip into the hex opening of the crankshaft pulley for a stationary hold for R&R of the crankshaft bolt.
• Eliminates damage to crankshaft pulleys.
• One size fits most Honda and Acura applications, including Ridgeline 3.5L V6, Element 2.4L 4 cylinder, MDX 3.7L V6 2007 and RDX 2.3L turbo models.

Contact Information
• Joe Mocilac — 714-693-7666
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