In Focus: Durston Magnetic Plug Weld Tool

The Magnetic Plug Weld Tool is designed to facilitate welding holes in steel panels. It features a magnetic base that holds a copper alloy backing surface against the backside of the hole to be welded. This backer makes the hole easier to weld, and leaves a flat surface on the inside of the panel. For use with all MIG and TIG electric welders, on steel and sheet metal surfaces.


According to Durston, the Magnetic Plug Weld Tool "was designed out of necessity in our hot rod and fabrication shop. When restoring an old truck we had mirror mounting holes in the doors, as well as holes in the bed and firewall that had to be welded. Welding holes in sheet metal body panels is very hard to do. Your torch has to be set just right, and even then you will have trouble with the wire feeding through the hole or the hole suddenly melting away and getting larger before your eyes.

"When you have the hole welded up, you can grind off the excess on the outside but you are still stuck with a big blob of weld on the inside of the door that can not be accessed to grind off.

"After many attempts to weld up these holes we decided to try to back up the holes with copper. We knew that the weld would not stick to copper, and we wanted to design a way to hold the copper backer to the inside of the panel, so that a guy could use it without needing assistance to keep it in place."

• Saves time.
• Cleaner welds.
• Less panel distortion.
• Lifetime warranty.
• Ideal for small holes to 3/8".
• A copper-alloy pad means the weld will not stick to copper.
• Lever and thumb screw design facilitates use on radius, and angled panels.
• Works on all sheet metal and steel to facilitate welding holes and voids. Can be used anywhere that grants access to the backside of the panel.

Suggested retail price $35.95

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