Spring Into Savvy Storefronts

Your truck isn’t just for driving, it’s a billboard for your business.

In years past, I logged many miles operating a tractor-trailer throughout New England, and had my share of DOT checkpoints or random stops. I can say with pride that attention to detail and keeping my truck spotless really paid off. When entering a checkpoint, the line and wait can be very long as you approach the scale. To have the inspector look at your rig and wave you through without inspection with a smile and a nod spoke volumes about his comfort level with my dedication. Time is money everywhere. Sitting on the roadside having a DOT long form done is not profitable, not to mention if they should find something wrong.


The trucks that we drive are billboards for us, and our brands. We chose our brand and made a substantial investment. With the change of seasons, maybe some spring cleaning and a load of bark mulch could improve your bottom dollar.

Joe Poulin is a Mac Tools distributor based in Gray, Maine. Send feedback for Joe care of brendan@pten.com.

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