In Focus: GearWrench 48" Extendable Indexing Pry Bar

The GearWrench 48” Extendable Indexing Pry Bar, No. 82248, adjusts in length from 29” to 48”. The indexing head adjusts and locks into 14 positions allowing the user to vary the angle of the head over a 180-degree span. Grooves on the swiveling head provide better grip, while the tubular design provides a lighter weight tool.


The indexing head addresses a need to vary the angle for the prying position to increase access in tight applications regular pry bars don’t. The adjustable length addresses the need to securely store the pry bar when not in use.


The Extendable Indexing Pry Bar withstands more than 400 lbs. of force and exceeds 5X ANSI requirements. Made in China, this tool offers a forged steel alloy head.


• Indexing head - adjust the angle of the pry bar to allow you to lever where access is limited.
• Lift and shift heavy objects where access may be an issue.
• Adjustable length with a 48” extended length and 29” collapsed length.