In Focus: SOLAR Pro-Logix battery chargers and maintainers

SOLAR Pro-Logix battery chargers and maintainers (1 Amp maintainer, No. PL2110; 3.5 Amp maintainer, No. PL2135; 8 Amp charger, No. PL2208; 12 Amp charger, No. PL2212; 16 Amp charger, No. PL2216) offer ease of use with automatic operation, beneficial delivery of energy to keep today’s batteries optimal condition and the ability to properly charge the wide variety of battery chemistries available.

SOLAR Pro-Logix automatic battery chargers and maintainers utilize simple and easy-to-use interfaces so that operators can quickly and efficiently set up each charging routine.

Pro-Logix chargers and maintainers utilize microprocessor-controlled charging routines optimized for each battery chemistry type.

Pro-Logix automatic battery chargers and maintainers are compatible with a variety of battery chemistries and styles, including conventional, AGM, gel cell, Deep cycle and marine batteries.


SOLAR Pro-Logix automatic battery chargers were developed to meet the need for a high quality smart charger that could stand up to professional demands. They were developed to address the problem of battery chemistry proliferation by developing a charger that could properly charge any type of 12V lead-acid vehicle battery. SOLAR Pro-Logix automatic battery maintainers were developed, as an extension of the charging line, to address the need for lower rate chargers/maintainers that could safely charge the small batteries found in the many non-passenger vehicles, including lawn tractors, ATVs, waverunners and motorcycles, in addition to car, SUV and light truck applications.


• Manufactured in China to Clore Automotive specifications in ISO 9001:2000-certified facilities.
• Fully enclosed, impact-resistant cases keep shop dust and debris out of the chargers.
• All models feature specific optimized handling of different battery chemistries.
• All models feature fully automatic operation and agency approved (UL or ETL) to meet North American safety requirements.
• All models feature Smart Clamp technology, sending power to the clamps only when a proper battery connection is made.
• All models feature reverse polarity protection and shorted cell identification.


These products provide a great opportunity to sell the technician a product for home, the cottage or the cabin. With very accessible price points, they are not confined to shop usage. For the end user, these products represent the opportunity to use the right tool for the job. While electronic smart chargers and maintainers may cost more than traditional chargers, they pay back that investment many times over. They can be used on a much wider variety of vehicles/equipment, and they provide a more beneficial charge than traditional chargers.


Varies by model, $49-$149.


Jim O’Hara