Special Report: The Power of Tool Demos

Consider tool demos to increase your sales

Demo programs are also able to help distributors overcome inaccurate perceptions of new tools and equipment. As an example, there have recently been several quiet air tools introduced into the marketplace. Some technicians are under the impression that these tools are not as powerful as standard tools, as there is an attitude with some mechanics that noise equals power. But quiet tools are often every bit as powerful as standard tools—they have just been engineered to run more quietly, which can dramatically reduce noise in the garage. While a new generation of technicians is catching on to this, there are still many that remain skeptical. When dealing with these customers, a demo program would allow distributors to communicate these benefits to their customers more effectively, and would go a long way toward overcoming the perception gap.

Whether they help to overcome certain perceptions about new products, more effectively communicate the features and benefits of premium tools and equipment, or build stronger, trusting relationships with your customers, demo programs are an essential tool for distributors. As business picks up, demo programs will prove to be an effective way to drive demand and generate sales.

This report furnished by Ingersoll Rand.

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