In Focus: CEJN MultiFLOW Air and Fluid Gun

CEJN’s new MultiFLOW Air and Fluid Gun offers extreme air or fluid flow for cleaning, cooling and drying applications. This blowgun provides adjustable flow control, with nozzle adjustments from narrow jet to wide beam for specific cleaning needs. The ergonomic, non-slip grip helps prevent occupational injuries. An integrated steel nipple/adapter vents downstream pressure when disconnected, reducing hose whip and noise.

Features and benefits

CEJN’s MultiFLOW blowgun effectively cleans surfaces with air or water with unparalleled blowing force. Precise flow is achieved by adjustable flow settings. The nozzle adjusts from narrow jet to wide beam. The MultiFLOW meets and exceeds OSHA safety standards when dead-ended.

The MultiFLOW is to be used in compressed air lines up to 16 bar working pressure. Not aimed for high pressure or high temperature (above 80C) water cleaning.


When CEJN engineers set out to design an all-new, all-powerful blowgun, they first interviewed end-users to identify their job responsibilities. They learned that their new design would need to offer unique flow and flow control, as well as be equipped with nozzle adjustments that would make it a versatile tool for a variety of tasks. 

By optimizing the flow geometry and designing ways of adapting the flow with a new jet nozzle and a flow adjustment, by using state of the art computerized design aids, the CEJN engineers and designers have created a high performing and versatile tool, solving many different applications for the end-users.


The MultiFLOW is made in Sweden using high quality POM, TPE and Aluminum. Internal seals are NBR.

  • Air flow: 200-1200 L/min.
  • Fluid flow: 5-25 L/min.
  • Air sound level: 79-101 dBA.
  • Max. working pressure: 232 PSI (16 bar).
  • Min. burst pressure: 928 PSI (64 bar).
  • Temperature range (16 bar/232 PSI): -4 degrees F to 140 degrees F.
  • Temperature range (10 bar/145 PSI): -4 degrees F to 176 degrees F.
  • Media: Air and non-explosive water based liquids.

Selling points


CEJN’s latest blowgun development, the MultiFLOW Air & FluidGun, offers performance that is as superior as its styling. The premium blowgun offers extreme flow for cleaning, cooling and drying applications

Adjustable Jet Nozzle

Nozzle adjusts flow from a narrow jet for reaching hard-to-remove debris to a wide beam for cleaning wide-open surfaces.

Ergonomic, Rubber Non-Slip Grip

Molded rubber grip gives users a tight hold, resulting in increased operator comfort and control that guards against occupational injuries.

Variable Flow Control

Flow settings enable users to select precise flow needed for specific applications, resulting in managed power and energy savings. “Save” setting programs flow for repeat applications.

Anti-Whip Function

Integrated steel nipple/adapter vents downstream pressure when disconnecting, thereby reducing hose whip and noise that can cause operator injury. The safety-minded design delivers on CEJN’s promise to provide products that promote a safe working environment.

Storage and display

Single Packs

CEJN’s MultiFLOW Air & Fluid Gun is available in single packs (Nos. 11 210 0400, 11 210 0450) with an eyelet for hanging on display hooks. Customers can readily feel the solid grip of the handle, since it is not attached to the packaging.

Eight-Pack Displays

An attractive, easy-to-assemble counter display puts eight MultiFLOW Air & Fluid Guns directly in front of customers, thereby increasing product awareness and counter sales

Promotional Posters

Colorful product posters will grab immediate customer attention. These effective marketing tools come in a variety of sizes and styles.

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