In Focus: Murray Tools Split Die Thread Chaser

Murray Tools' Split Thread Repair Dies feature a spring design that allows users to pull the die apart and position on the damaged bolt or stud below the damaged threads. Then using a six-point deep well socket you chase the threads clean, fast and easy, and no cross threading.

Features and benefits

Quickly and easily repair damaged threads on bolts/studs and works in limited space. It helps eliminate cross threading. Many times by repairing a damaged stud, the user can avoid a major disassembly of a component needed in order to replace a damaged stud.

Kits come in a durable plastic storage case with instruction label inside. The kit includes a sheet of anti-corrosive paper to help eliminate corrosion of the dies.


The inventor was repairing/maintaining lawnmowers and found the stud holding the blades was often damaged. Removing the blade for replacement or sharpening was difficult, and the stud had to be filed or repaired, using a standard hex die. Many times the stud would get cross threaded and end up having to be replaced. 

The two halves of the split die can be pulled apart allowing the user to put the die below the damage on the threads, then using a deep well socket, the die can be rotated counterclockwise easily to clean the damaged threads.  The end user is able to avoid major disassembly, and complete repairs more quickly. 


  • Made in the U.S., of hardened carbon steel to a Rockwell hardness of 58-60. 
  • Variety of kits with different sizes of dies and master kits available.
  • Individual dies also available.
  • Dies are precision machined, heat-treated and finished to be durable. 
  • Company offers 20 different fractional sizes and 18 metric sizes of dies, with more available upon request.

Selling points

  • Quickly and easily repairs damaged studs or bolts. 
  • Helps user avoid cross threading. 
  • Helps user avoid major disassembly. 
  • Works in tight spaces.

Suggested retail price

6-pc. kits range from $100-160, individual dies range from $19.99-35.99.

For more information

Mike Jareed  

(443) 589-0245