Tool Review: Peake Research BMW scan & reset tool

The R5/FCX3 BMW scan & reset tool from Peake Research offers technicians an affordable non-OBDII scan and reset tool for BMWs. The compact tool reads BMW factory codes and resets BMW's unique "oilservice"/inspection reminders without software, interface cables, VIN entry or boot-up time; just connect, select and go in under 30 seconds.

The Review

Technician Tom Karagianis tested the Peake Research BMW scan & reset tool at Tarkus Complete Automotive Service in Milwaukee, Wisc. He found the tool very easy to use, well-priced and liked the quick results.

Tom said he read through the manual in order to understand what the codes meant.

“You have to read the “F” codes and the “T” codes and the different letters,” he said. “If you go and look into the reference manual, it’s pretty straight-forward.”

Tom suggested shops that don’t work on many BMW vehicles might like to have this tool in the shop.

“It’s great for a shop that’s not going to work on many Beamers,” he said. “(Or) when they get them in once in awhile.” 

Along with shops that might need a basic BMW scan tool, Tom suggested regular consumers may want to use the tool too based on the lower price and fast results.

“I think it’s a $39 retail value, and I thought that was a very good price for people – even the homeowner, or the guy that’s got a Beamer in his garage and wants to know fault codes and to clear maintenance,” he said. “It’s small, it’s easy, it’s convenient. You could almost put it in your glove box.”