Why are you afraid of change?

As we sat in the bleachers watching Logan compete in the indoor shot-put, my wife asked if I had chosen a subject for this month’s article. My reply was a little withdrawn as I watched our son, and mumbled that I have a couple of ideas but….

After a few moments she said “you should write about change.”

“What?” I said.

She smiled and said, “Because it’s a new year.”

Sitting there looking around I started to realize that change is all around us: whether we accept it or not, – it’s everywhere! I’ve met more than a few people who emphatically refuse to accept or even consider the slightest of changes. They want nothing uncharted or strange. “What’s wrong with the old way?”

One possible up-side of life without change would be that it remains predicable, with each passing day a mirror of the one prior, which for some people would provide solace. It would also be really handy when it comes to making plans. There may be other advantages too, but I’ll leave it alone for now. 

How many times has each of us been guilty of displaying just a bit of attitude when our daily routine had to be adjusted or we were asked to do something differently? Have you ever seen someone defy a change with more energy than what it would take to just embrace it? As I watched our son on the field, I realized I wished he would remain at that age forever.  

If change is so good, why do we always seem to fight it?

Making the resolution

On Dec 31st millions of people make what we call “our New Year’s resolution.” But shortly after that night those planned changes often seem to lose their appeal (possibly because the adult beverages have worn off). It soon comes to light that change ……is…..well……hard. The new way may have transformed our life a little more than expected, and the old way just seemed easier.

Change in and of itself can be a scary move for some of us, but for others it just seems natural. Some folks watch in amazement as others just make the adjustment without missing a beat, wondering why those other individuals are not engulfed by the range of emotions they would feel themselves.

Could it be that, when it comes to change, some people out there are just plain lucky? Everything new seems to just fall into place for them. How is that possible?

It’s possible because they accept it. – The fear of the unknown has stopped many talented people cold in their tracks, leaving them in a holding pattern, just maintaining status quo - afraid.

Whether we want change or not, it is coming. How each of us views change is the only difference. Those who accept it and are ready to move forward are the same people that some would call “lucky.” Maybe there is a shadow of doubt in the back of their mind, but they know that change is crucial to the next step in life.

Look at change as a stairway. Why do we have stairs? To get to the next level, right? Without taking the first step - we cannot achieve the next. Change is no different – the only difference is the rate at which we acknowledge the need to change. It is all right to be cautious and start the climb slowly, as long as the commitment is made and we stay the course. With each passing step, the next level becomes closer and clearer, the pit in the stomach subsides, and we realize that standing at the base of the stairway in fear was way more difficult than the climb.

We all have areas that we can improve in our lives and our business that has been put off or put on the back burner. Subconsciously they were placed there for a reason – they require change! Regardless of our fear or acceptance “change” will not wait, it will not stop. Start today with a commitment to change – you might just find out that “luck” is at the next level.