In Focus: Ranger RP-20FC Oil Filter Crusher

Ranger Products' high-powered RP-20FC Oil Filter Crusher reduces most used oil filters to 25 percent of original size in just 20 seconds with 10 tons of air-operated pressure, removing 95 percent of the oil. The X-shape bevel pre-aligns filters for vertical press; even the popular 8" tall filters for Cummins and Power Stroke diesel vehicles fold. 

With an integrated collection chamber and collector downspout for simple oil recovery, the no-mess design operates clean and efficiently to significantly reduce spill hazards. And at the drastically reduced size, oil filters are both easier to store and cheaper to dispose of, encouraging proper waste management.

Comes standard with pressure regulator and air moisture separator. Optional stand accommodates 5-, 16- and 55-gal. drums for efficient fluid handling.


Governmental agencies can classify used filters as hazardous waste that requires expensive disposal. Disposal of filters without discharging residual oil can carry severe consequences from both federal and local governments. The Ranger RP-20FC reduces disposal costs by up to 75-80 percent due to lower waste volume as it crushes filters down to 25 percent of their original size and converts the used filter into scrap metal and recyclable oil.


  • Welded steel - plate construction.
  • Exclusive X-shaped bevel in press head pre-aligns filters for absolute vertical press.
  • 12-1/2” diameter cylinder provides 20,000 lbs. crushing at 175 psi.
  • 100-percent air operated, with very low maintenance.
  • 20-second cycle time.


Selling points

  • Save on disposal costs and storage space.
  • Fulfills EPA and other mandated environmental standards.
  • No-mess design operates clean and efficiently - reducing spill hazards.
  • Single control-valve operation.
  • Reduces filters to 25 percent of their original size.
  • Removes up to 95 percent of the oil.
  • Automatic safety door stops operation when door is open.
  • See-through door for convenient viewing of operation.

Suggested retail price

$1150.00 - $1250.00

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