Consistently outperform your sales competitors

Steve has been doing well in his business for many years. He understands how to make cold calls, how to follow up on leads and referrals and how to offer excellent customer service. Yet, he's amazed at how much more successful Michael is in the same...

P = Probe gently and with respect.

Your job is to try to understand what your prospective customer needs and how you can accommodate those needs. The only way to show people that you have exactly the product to satisfy those needs is to ask gentle questions about theirĀ  needs related to a specific tool. An example is, "If you could describe the ideal impact wrench for your shop, what would you like its specs to be?"

H = Help your client feel safe in the conversation.

For major purchases, such as shop equipment, tool storage and diagostics, customers need to feel safe discussing specific money issues. Gently probing about personal and family situations that affect their pocket book requires them being able to trust you. This entails ensuring confidentiality and showing genuine concern for their needs. If you expect them to share their biggest fears and insecurities, you must focus in on what they're saying, be sensitive and assure them that you will help them.

S = Summarize.

You'd be amazed at how much you show the speaker you are listening by frequently summarizing what you just heard. This will also help you to focus and remember what the speaker is telling you. If you have hit the key points in your summary, the speaker will feel validated and closer to you. If you missed key points that he is trying to convey, he can inform you about that at this time. Practice this with friends and family. It's easy to get the hang of it and it really works!

Sticking to this Sales TRIUMPHS model will surely bring you your share of wins over the competition.

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