In Focus: UView eBoost

eBOOST is a proprietary performance-enhancing supplement developed by UView to boost the performance of lubricants. When used in an air conditioning system, eBOOST will increase the lubricity and anti-wear properties of the oil and rejuvenate rubber seals and O-rings, thereby helping extend the life and performance of the A/C system and compressor. eBoost is available in UView's Universal Ester oil with dye, No. 488016E; Universal PAG oil with dye, No. 488016P; and Universal A/C dye, No. 499109 (cartridge) and No. 499009 (bottle).


All A/C systems leak to some extent. As they lose refrigerant it affects the oil circulation in the system causing increased compressor temperature and wear. When the oil in the system exceeds its operating temperature range, the life expectancy of the oil is reduced. eBOOST helps A/C oil tolerate higher temperatures and provide longer protection. Recent MACS studies have proven that the A/C compressor is replaced on 20 percent of the vehicles that have their A/C system serviced. Replacement rates increase with the age of the vehicle and this is directly attributed to the lack of preventative maintenance.


eBoost is a proprietary formula manufactured in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.  It is continuously tested throughout North America due to the wide range in weather conditions.

Selling points

  • eBOOST helps extend the life of the A/C system and compressor.
  • Conditions rubber O-rings and seals, helping prevent leaks.
  • Increases lubricity and anti-wear properties, helps quiet noisy compressors and lowers compressor temperature.
  • Reduces comebacks.


Suggested retail price

  • Universal Ester oil with dye, No. 488016E: $22.20 per bottle
  • Universal PAG oil with dye, No. 488016P: $20.64 per bottle
  • Universal A/C dye, No. 499109: $34.55 per cartridge.
  • Universal A/C dye, No. 499009: $35.60 per bottle.


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