Schroeder Industries releases the D5S protective shroud

The D5S fits onto the hex of the D5 Indicator body to provide additional strength.

D5 S D5 W Protective Shroud

Schroeder Industries released a protective shroud for the D5 Series Visual Pop-up Indicators. This shroud protects D5 Indicators against harsh environments and inadvertent impacts that cause indicator cracking/breakage.

Visual pop-up indicators provide an economical way to know (at a glance) when a filter element needs to be replaced. With the variance of operating conditions for hydraulic filtration, the number of end-user-replaced indicators is at an all-time high, according to the company.

The D5S fits onto the hex of the aluminum D5 Indicator body to provide additional strength in both the axial and lateral directions. Made with durable PA66 Nylon material, the D5S is lightweight (weighing only 100 grams) and corrosion resistant.

The D5S will be commercially available through Schroeder’s distribution network starting in Q1 2020 with pre-orders accepted now. In addition to the D5S package, the shroud will also be available separately to retrofit any existing D5 indicators, No. 7642053.

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