Motor Age Tech Tips—Mastering BMW Engine Related Services Affecting the Oiling System

Nov. 9, 2023
Learn more about SIB 11 02 20, an important procedure for techs who work on BWMs to know regarding oil service.

BMW vehicles are sophisticated machines possessing many complex layers of technical marvel. When it comes to performing certain engine services related to the oiling circuits, you as a service professional should be fully aware of a BMW Service Information Bulletin that provides special procedures to follow because the unique design of the internal combustion engine on these “Ultimate Driving Machines.”

In this Motor Age Tech Tips Video, sponsored by Bosch, Scott Brown, contributing technical editor for Motor Age, walks through the details of the importance of understanding what this bulletin is all about. Scott also discusses the various things you can do to minimize engine wear after interrupting the engine oil lubrication circuit during some services, using the Bosch line of Workshop spin-on and cartridge oil filters with OE fit to assure quality performance. 

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