Mastering Diagnostics #7: Driving Efficiency Through the Use of Auxiliary Scan Tool Features

Oct. 30, 2023
In this seventh edition of Mastering Diagnostics, take a guided tour of the Bosch ADS 525x scan tool platform with Motor Age Technical Editor Brandon Steckler. Stick with him as he demonstrates how to capitalize on auxiliary scan tool features to drive technician efficiency through the roof. Brandon utilizes multiple features of the Bosch ADS 525x scan tool to take “troubleshooting from the driver’s seat” to the next level.
With this powerful, Wi-Fi-accessible scan tool, being able to stay in the vehicle (instead of stepping away to visit a computer) makes system/component research that much more efficient. Incorporating a full system DTC scan and referencing service information for TSBs, system description/operation and wiring diagrams will allow today’s technician to build a diagnostic game plan quickly and without leaving the driver’s seat.
Click here to learn more about the Bosch ADS 525x scan tool.