Tool Review: Robinair LD7 Premium Refrigerant Leak Detector

With its UV lighting and ability to service both R-1234yf and R-134a refrigerants, this Master Technician claims the LD7 eliminates the need for multiple tools.

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The Review

Jeff Buckley, shop owner and Master Technician at My Father’s Shop Certified Automotive Repair in Midlothian, Texas, reviewed the Robinair LD7 Premium Refrigerant Leak Detector when servicing vehicles in his shop.

The LD7 comes packaged in a box, and within that, a solid carrying case. The case is lined with a foam molding, securing the tool and providing safe storage. Setup only requires the installation of batteries. The provided manual shows the features of the tool, and also explains to the user how to test and adjust. The LD7 comes with replacement filters and a test vial.

Buckley mentioned the first thing he noticed about the tool was that the grip is “extremely comfortable.” The flexible wand is long enough to reach far behind the hoses while keeping the display in front of the user, Buckley says. At the end of the wand is a pin-point tip to ensure accuracy.

The LD7 is easy to use, Buckley says. When the tool is turned on, it takes about 20 seconds to warm up; the color display and an audible notification alerts the user when the tool is ready for use. Buckley enjoyed the built-in UV LED light that eliminated the need for an additional tool, although he claims it could be brighter. The additional white light also helped to illuminate the work area and to detect leaks.

The multiple options of graphical and audible notification for leak detection “show exactly where the leak is,” Buckley says. Having the option to mute the audible notification was also a favored feature of his.

Buckley was appreciative of the tool’s dual-purpose functionality in its ability to service both R-1234yf and R-134a refrigerants. He notes if the leak sensor tip was not tightly secured, the tool would stop testing and alert him to tighten the sensor or indicate that a filter was plugged. Altogether, Buckley was impressed with this tool and says he will be adding it to his toolbox.

Check out Buckley’s video review of this product.

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