Tool Review: BendPak XPR-10S

This lift lands a perfect rating from a shop owner who attests to its dependability.

Xpr 10 S Tahoe Final

The review

Thomas Stevens, owner of Powerhouse Performance in Simi Valley, California, provided a review of the XPR-10S and attests to its dependability.

After Stevens purchased the XPR-10S, BendPak put him in contact with a third-party company to take care of the installation of the lift – a process that Stevens says went very smoothly. The lift came with a manual; the manual was detailed and touted colored illustrations, which Stevens found useful. Although, he did say that the manual was barely needed.

The lift’s operation was straightforward and did not pose any concerns or questions for Stevens. “It goes up and down. It’s got a button and a release lever,” says Stevens. With the button and lever mounted to the post of the lift, there is not much to worry about when operating.

With a vehicle centered between the posts, the arms can quickly and easily be placed into position to initiate the lifting process. “The arms are telescoping, so you can pull them in and out,” says Stevens, noting a favorite feature of his with the XPR-10S. Stevens also mentions the lift’s ability to facilitate the use of screw lift pads on the arm-ends. Stevens claims the screw lift pads make adjustment much easier than using solid pads, allowing the precise flexibility to adjust to multiple vehicle types.

Stevens says a vehicle can be lifted into place in around 10-15 seconds and lowered back to the ground in just a little longer time than that. Powerhouse Performance uses the XPR-10S to lift old school hot rods, early model Ford vehicles, new-aged muscle cars, and even trucks. The 10,000lb rated lift allows the shop to work on a large range of vehicle types.

“It’s a huge asset to my business, so I give it a 10 [out of 10],” says Stevens. “The reason why is because of the quality. First things first, it’s the quality. I’ve used this lift every day for the last two years and it’s never let me down.” The XPR-10S’ long-standing dependability impressed this shop owner and is the main reason he gave the lift a top rating.

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