Tool Review: Lisle Double Ended Clip Lifter

The simplistic, versatile, and durable design impressed the reviewer.

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The Product :

The Lisle Double Ended Clip Lifter, No. 35460, features a smaller opening designed for lifting the center pin and a wider opening that lifts the fastener from the panel. This tool also works with plastic fasteners, plastic clips, upholstery, or door panels. It offers a zinc finish with a 3-1/2" grip, and the overall tool length is 8".

The Review :

The Lisle Double Ended Clip Lifter, No. 35460, requires no setup. There is no manual included, and none needed – it is very self-explanatory and straightforward. It comes well packaged and without accessories. Randy Kaiser, service manager and partial owner at Rost Motor, Inc. in Manson, Iowa, attests to the versatility of this clip lifter after using it to remove plastic push pins in his shop.

“It took the place of two or three different tools to do the same job. I have a universal set of trim tools and clip removers that I have used in the past; the clip removal tools never seem to fit quite right. This little gem [Lisle Double Ended Clip Lifter] fit the clips perfectly. It removed the center pin and then the clip, without damaging them or breaking off part of the clip,” said Kaiser.

When dealing with the removal of plastic parts, there is a risk of inflicting damage, even beyond repair, when applying metal tools to do so. Lisle’s Double Ended Clip Lifter was designed with universal applications and offers technicians the ability to fit a wide range of clips and pins in order to complete removal without forcing its fit; Kaiser says it does just that.

“You slide the end with the small opening under the center pin of the clip and lift it up. Then you take the other end of the tool and remove the clip from the opening. The angle of the end of the tool makes it very easy to remove the clips,” said Kaiser. “It didn’t mark up the object that I was removing clips from.”

Durability and comfort are important aspects in the design of hand tools. “The metal in the tool seemed to be good quality and didn’t bend or deform when I used it,” Kaiser told us. “It has a nice, smooth finish. The handle in the center is very comfortable and has a little cushion to it.”

This product can eliminate the need for multiple tools and kits to perform a single task – a major reason Kaiser rated the Lisle Double Ended Clip Lifter a 10 out of 10. “It is a nice, compact tool that is well designed,” said Kaiser. “Instead of having to dig out your pocket knife, pocket screwdriver, regular screwdriver, and side cutter, you just need this one, handy tool.”

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