Motor Age Service Repair eNewsletter - Jun 14th, 2024
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June 14, 2024
Toyota introduced the Dynamic Force Engine family, featuring I3, I4, and V6 engines with turbo and non-turbocharged applications. The engine prioritizes thermal management to enhance efficiency and reduce emissions.
The regulatory bill would save small automotive repair businesses both money and time, says the ASA.
If you've experienced challenges recruiting or retaining new technicians, you will want to hear what this technician has to say.
A look at some of the latest diagnostic tools that have crossed our desks.
Let Motor Age Technical Editor Brandon Steckler show you how to properly perform a voltage-drop test, how it affects circuit operation, and most importantly, how it will flush the underlying faults to the surface.

Need to run an unfamiliar test? Your PicoScope 4425A software can show you how to connect, run and evaluate the waveforms for 150+ key tests. Plus, the scope can power and autoconfigure itself for probes, help find reference waveforms and much more.

As ADAS systems become increasingly popular, understanding proper maintenance is crucial. While each car may have different functions, the service process and common pain points remain the same. Ensuring your shop is following proper procedures and keeping up with training on specialized calibration tools is the best way to keep your customers safe...