New supersoft slicks from Pirelli to grace Monaco racing even

Jan. 1, 2020
Seeking to aid the young GP2 Series drivers in displaying grace under racing pressure, Pirelli will debut supersoft compound tires at the circuit's May 26- 28 competition on the streets of Monaco.
Seeking to aid the young GP2 Series drivers in displaying grace under racing pressure, Pirelli will debut supersoft compound tires at the circuit's May 26- 28 competition on the streets of Monaco.

The compound is the softest of the four tire types in the company’s P Zero lineup, and it has been developed specifically for the new-for-2011 GP2 car. “It provides peak grip and performance from the very start on tight and twisty circuits such as the Monaco street course, the only track where the softest of Pirelli’s four GP2 tire compounds will be used this season,” reports racing manager Mario Isola.

Although the supersoft compound degrades more than the other P Zero tires, the low-speed nature of the 3.340- kilometer circuit means the tire will not be subjected to significant wear: “Monaco will be the only GP2 round where we will bring our supersoft compound tires because we do not expect to encounter significant levels of tire degradation,” he says.

“Being a street circuit, Monaco is slow in terms of average speed but it will still be a very challenging and special experience for our young drivers, who will have to contend with its twisty layout and slippery surfaces,” says Isola. “The Pirelli P Zero soft slicks should provide them with the grip they need to put on a great show for all the fans.”

Driver Stefano Coletti, who comes from Monaco, observes that “racing on home ground in Monaco is going to be a special occasion for me and I’ll need to be fully concentrated when the action gets underway. It will be a bit trickier this time because I’ll be using a type of tire never tested before. For this reason I’ll have to pay strong attention to the feeling I’ll get from the rubber while I’m driving.”

Coletti goes on to point out that “the new Pirelli tires are a very sophisticated product with excellent levels of performance. You first have to get to know them well and then you can push to the limit and enjoy racing, keeping in mind that degradation levels have been increased this year. Because of this they can vary according to how abrasive the circuit is and how high the track temperatures are.”



Along with the Valencia racing event, Monaco is one of the two street circuits on the GP2 calendar this year. The track is tight, twisty and bumpy and requires a perfect set-up in terms of balance and high downforce. The lap consists of 18 corners, including the slowest of the year: the famous hairpin in front of the old station, which is taken in first gear at approximately 30kph. There are no run-off areas and very few overtaking opportunities, so a high grid position and good start can make all the difference.

Unlike the other GP2 race weekends, the Monaco round will take place from Thursday to Saturday, with only the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix on the schedule for Sunday.

Last week’s GP2 and GP3 action alongside the Spanish Grand Prix saw the crews opting for harder rubber, Isola reports.

“Because of the complex layout of the track and the hot and dry weather conditions, we decided to equip both series with our P Zero hard slicks in order to provide drivers with a resistant tire that offers a high degree of durability,” he explains.

“In Barcelona over the weekend, Pirelli’s GP2 and GP3 tires showed excellent levels of grip and appropriate levels of tire wear, as requested by the organizers for this year,” according to Isola.

“All the teams have been working hard to adjust their car set-ups and find a good balance with the new rubber. This is the challenge for the 2011 season and I’m glad to see that, race after race, drivers are getting better and better in getting the most out of their tires,” he notes.

“Now we head to Monaco, where we will bring our GP2 supersoft compound – a tire that has not yet been seen in action,” adds Isola. “We’re sure that it’s going to provide some interesting racing.”

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