Thebis Noise and Vibration Diagnostic Unit

Thebisnoiseandvibrationdiagnosticunit 10131140

Snap-on's Thebis Noise and Vibration Diagnostic Unit (LD6900) helps quickly and easily pinpoint the source of noise and vibration in underhood, undercar and vehicle interiors. It is designed to selectively diagnose drivetrain noises, bearing noises and suspension rattles. Features include six separate channels to allow selectable inputs and an LCD display for waveform visualization, frequency adjustment, recording events and voice memo functions; four inductive clamps that pick up vibrations and noise from the chassis and driveline; two vent transducers that pick up sounds from various locations in a vehicle's drivetrain; listening wand and contact probe for use as an electronic stethoscope for interior and underhood applications; and a high-quality headphone set with a boom microphone for recording voice memos. Recorded files are stored on a USB memory stick (included) for easy playback on PC

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