In Focus: Clore Automotive SOLAR Pro-Logix 12V 100A Flashing Power Supply and 60/40/10A Battery Charger, No. PL6100

The PL6100 provides stable power and full service battery charging.

Solar Bdbv Pl6100front

Selling points

  • The PL600 is designed for shops performing flashing/reprogramming
  • The PL6100 is designed as a charger for all automotive servicing needs
  • The PL6100 is manufactured with robust construction and convenience features

Features and benefits

  • Delivers up to 100A to maintain system voltage during reprogramming events
  • Features very low voltage ripple for clean power delivery
  • Features rapid load response for quick recovery from load increases
  • Allows voltage control from 13.1-14.9V, in 0.1V increments
  • Fully automatic operation
  • 60/40/10A charge rates handle everything from small batteries to Group 31 batteries
  • Specific charging routines for flooded, AGM, spiral wound, deep cycle, and marine batteries
  • Able to manage completely dead batteries
  • Sturdy steel frame stands up to harsh shop environments
  • Detachable input and output cords
  • Extra-long 13’ output cables reach the starting points on vehicles
  • Heavy duty PowerJaw clamps provide power transfer and are angled for improved access
  • Easy-to-use interface with smart display feedback


The PL6100 is a flashing power supply for shops; its clean power delivery provides support for reflashing events, and its adjustability allows it to meet OE voltage requirements. It provides comprehensive charging capabilities, enabling coverage for two applications: flashing power supply and heavy duty battery charging.


The PL6100 was developed to address the market need for a versatile, precise, high amperage power supply that can meet OE voltage requirements. The PL6100 also incorporates advanced battery charging capabilities.

Manufacturing specs

The PL6100 is ETL-approved to meet the UL1236 Battery Charging standard, as well as all FCC requirements for high frequency devices, according to the company. It features heavy duty steel construction and extra-long #2 AWG output cables. It delivers a power supply with voltage ripple greater than 100mV, as well as Rapid Load Response Technology.

Storage and display

The PL6100 is shipped as a single unit, double boxed for added protection. Clore Automotive suggests storing the PL6100 on the top of a toolbox or on a prominent shelf.

Suggested retail price


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