Continued evolution

An introduction to our latest brand update: The launch of a new logo.

Fleet Maintenance Tagline Logo

When you’re preparing for change, you often reflect on the past - both to see how far you’ve come, and to help point you in the right direction going forward. 

Did you know, back in 1997, Fleet Maintenance began as a product-only magazine? While content featured in Fleet Maintenance has always focused on providing helpful and useful information for the maintenance manager, it hasn’t always had the same format.

In fact, we’ve gone through a number of changes over the years. 

The aim of the publication has remained the same: to share insights and best practices to help you manage maintenance operations effectively and efficiently.

But, just like products, processes and technology have evolved over the years, so must we.

Since our start, we’ve had three different names, a variety of different designs and most notably, four previous logos. You may remember, we completed our latest redesign of Fleet Maintenance in February 2017.  But, our most recent logo has been in place since the mid-2000s. Now, I’m excited to share with you for the first time, the brand-new Fleet Maintenance logo.

A comparison to the past

While paging through an archived Fleet Maintenance 2003 Product Showcase from December 2002, I noticed a number of differences compared to the issue you’re paging through today. More specifically, the size, the content and the design are all markedly different.

At 48 pages, the 2002 issue doesn’t hold weight to the 96 pages of products you’ll find in this issue. Not to mention, the physical footprint of the magazine. That recognizable tabloid size you’ve come to expect in your mailbox each month hasn’t always been around. But, it’s now a distinguishing characteristic that sets us apart as the “maintenance magazine.”

When it comes to the actual products featured in each showcase issue, the issue printed almost 16 years ago has some relatively dated products, compared to today’s options. Heck, we even used to have a reader service card (remember those?) to mail in for inquiries on products. The most notable category to advance by far is “Computers, Software & Diagnostics.”  The 2003 Product Showcase features a number of software programs downloadable by compact disc. There are no flat screen computers, tablets or touchscreens to speak of.  Most diagnostic tools were rudimentary, providing “pass/fail” and general code information, requiring the technician to look up more information elsewhere. And that’s just talking about the hardware. Imagine how much has changed in that time.

When comparing design from 2002 and today, the most recognizable was the front cover. Thanks to our award-winning graphic designer, Erin Brown, we’ve come a long way since the dated fonts and retro/space-aged/fluorescent designs of yesteryear.

Why did we opt to share this new logo in the September issue? Because this issue is already distinguished by the all-product format we began with more than two decades ago. And, because this issue will make its way to a number of trade shows throughout 2019.

A logo represents our magazine, and our brand. It’s sleek. It’s modern. It tells you what we do. As with all change, feedback is always appreciated. Not only with the design, but with the content we provide in every issue. I always welcome your comments and suggestions.

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