Sales Tip: Hype it up

Prepare your customers for upcoming sales.

A few weeks back, I was on the truck with independent tool dealer Steve Johnston in Boaz, Alabama. He was spreading the word and setting up shop for his GEARWRENCH sale with the Street Team.

The big day was still a few weeks out, but Johnston made it a point to constantly remind his customers the event was approaching. He wasn't just making small talk - he was planting the seed in his customers' head to 'get ready.' It started them thinking about their wishlists and how to maximize their dollars. 

Speaking of dollars, another aspect to Johnston's approach was that he would help customers 'prep their wallets,' so to speak. He offered gentle reminders to get their balances down so they would have room to buy when they could get the best bang for their buck. 

For maximum exposure, consider doing what Johnston does and get people talking by posting reminders, updates, and even videos about the sale on your social media page. 

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