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Get lost in our visual guide to technician purchase plans for 2019

I know you are all busier than ever -- ringing up customers, pushing product and fielding some 30 calls an hour. But let me ask you: when was the last time you took time to do a bit of industry research?

Well, here’s your opportunity. A few months back we received the results of our yearly PTEN purchasing study. To arrive at this data, we ask detailed questions of shop owners and technicians across the country to better understand the nature of their business. Questions about the types of repairs and services they perform and the equipment they own, as well as current and future purchasing plans. This study then becomes the Aftermarket Profile (pg 8). Now in its fourth year, the annual Aftermarket Profile breaks down the numbers and data from the purchasing study and presents you with a visual guide illustrating those areas where shop owners and technicians anticipate revenue opportunities, and plan to invest, in 2019.

If you have a minute or ten, really look at the pages and spend some time with the information. Consider how the business details and overall numbers line up with your own customers and experience. Our hope is that this report helps inform the inventory you currently stock or plan to stock down the road.

You might find some of this information to be a good conversation starter, as well. For example, only ten percent of respondents own a R1234yf RRR machine, yet we know R1234yf service continues to be a growing revenue opportunity for shops. And on the diagnostic front, 78 percent of technicians reported they would use telematics if they had a tool which could access vehicle data. Shop owners and technicians are using both OEM and aftermarket scan tools -- along with other diagnostic offerings -- to keep up with maintenance on today’s vehicles.

This study reveals that the future of tool and equipment purchases is bright.

We learned that more than half of shop owners anticipate greater revenue in 2019 than last year, and a significant 88 percent of shop owners and technicians plan to spend the same amount or more on tools and equipment in 2019. So how can you help to support your customer’s purchase needs and plans?

I hope we’ve succeeded in making this report easy (and fun) to read, and of course, a valuable reference for your business.

If you have any questions, feedback, or simply want to chat about some of the information in this report, I’m all ears. Feel free to send your feedback to me by email or phone.

Thanks for reading.

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