In Focus: OTC 3-pc Long Handled Pry Bar Set

This set is designed for use on suspension repairs, including ball joints, tie rod ends and pitman arms.

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The OTC Long-Handled 3-pc Pry Bar Set, No. 8203L, includes pry bars in multiple lengths to provide technicians with the best fit for their everyday to heavy duty jobs. The pry bars feature an ergonomic handle that gives technicians improved control without the risk of slipping. The pry pars are specially tempered to allow for safe, dependable leverage, and the striking cap helps technicians hit the bar without damage. The 3-pc set includes a 24" pry bar, a 36" pry bar and a 48" pry bar.


The 3-pc Long Handled Pry Bar set is designed for use on suspension repairs, including ball joints, tie rod ends and pitman arms. 

Selling points

  • Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty. 
  • The long pry bars are eye-catching, easy-to-sell items that don't take up a large footprint on the truck. 
  • Can be sold individually or as a set, allowing more price flexibility. 

Features and benefits

  • Extended length pry bars provide more leverage and prying strength for separating or moving components. 
  • Designed to help techs separate components faster, especially in rust-prone areas. 
  • The wedge/chisel head with square bar is designed to rest more securely on components to help reduce the risk of roll or slippage. 
  • Available in 2', 3' and 4' lengths. 


OTC developed this set to provide technicians with additional leverage to separate or remove components. The longer length helps technicians apply more force and control when working on suspension and other systems, the company says. 

Manufacturing specs

These pry bars are drop-forged in the USA in Owatonna, Minnesota out of tempered steel for improved strength, durability and resilience. 

Storage and display

These pry bars ship in a single cardboard box with three pry bars per box. OTC recommends placement on a shelf that displays the length of these tools, or securing them to a ceiling rack that displays the handle and length. 

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