In Focus: Autel ADAS Calibration Tool Package

The ADAS Calibration Tool Package helps users calibrate Driver Assistance Systems.

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The Autel ADAS Calibration Tool Package provides advanced components and accurate procedures for camera, radar, lidar and night vision driver assist system repairs. Ideal for collision repair, wheel alignment, glass replacement and specialty repair shops, the ADAS Tool Package comes equipped with an easily adjustable calibration frame and interchangeable targets. The advanced MaxiSYS software provides detailed graphic instructions and precise measurements for setup and calibration procedures. The MaxiSYS tablet also includes OE-level coverage, bi-directional diagnostics, service reset functions and a single button Pre-SCAN and Post-SCAN feature with ADAS identification.     


The ADAS Calibration Tool Package is designed to help users calibrate driver assistance systems. 

Selling points

  • Offers complete coverage for multiple makes and models. 
  • Technical support provided without any additional fees. 
  • Includes Remote Access for enhanced technical support directly from the tablet tool. 
  • Has bidirectional functions for advanced diagnosis. 
  • Generic and manufacturer code reading and erasing.

Features and benefits

  • Can calibrate all driver assistance systems available on a vehicle. 
  • Eliminates need to send the vehicle to a dealership, helping keep revenue in-house. 
  • Offers service functions including oil change resets, EPB maintenance modes, battery registrations and more. 
  • Coding functions. 
  • Available in five purchase options, allowing users to select the best fit for their needs. 


Autel developed this tool package in response to complaints they heard from independent shops about the need to send vehicles to the dealer when they required calibrations after repair. This system allows independent repair shops to perform these calibrations in-house without needing to spend time and money waiting for dealership technicians. 

Manufacturing specs

This product is manufactured in China, is made of high grade metal components and is monitored for quality. 

Storage and display

This unit is shipped by freight. The standard frame is shipped in a wood crate. The amount of items varies depending on the package purchased. This unit is available in five packages: ADASFRAMESP: standard package, includes calibration frame, wheel clamps with laser, ACC reflector and two target patterns; LDWPACKAGE: includes standard package and lane departure targets; ADASCOMPLETE: includes standard package, lane departure targets and AVM/RCW/BSD/NV; ADASTABLET: inlcudes ADAS calibration tablet; and ADASUPGRADE, a software upgrade that upgrades a MaxiSYS 908 tablet into an ADAS tablet. 


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LDWPACKAGE - $12,750




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