In Focus: Zendex GoJak SUV

This product allows users to move locked, blocked or disabled vehicles without having to operate or open the vehicle.

Zendex Go Jaks 7016 Pos 1 Hr

The Zendex GoJak SUV, No. 7016, is rated for up to 7,000-lb vehicles and features a super heavy duty GF Nylon caster and an extra wide steel axle. The pedal on this model is longer than on other GoJak models, providing extra leverage for heavier vehicles. A straight axel design allows wider tires to overhang the jack on the inside, allowing it to accomodate up to a 16" wide individual tire or 10" wide dual tires. The GoJak includes offers a seven-year limited warranty, and a two-year caster warranty. 


The GoJak SUV allows users to move locked, blocked or disabled vehicles without having to operate or open the vehicle. This product is ideal for moving vehicles into the shop, out of a paint booth, onto a flatbed or positioning in a parking garage or showroom. 

Selling points

  • High quality, self-loading wheel dolly. 
  • Capable of moving up to a 7,000-lb vehicle, including vehicles such as a Chevy Silverado 3500HD, Ford F-250 Super Duty and full-size cargo vans. 
  • Accepts tire widths up to 16", meaning it is capable of accepting dual-rear tires. 
  • Comes with a seven-year limited warranty that covers factory defects in quality and workmanship. 
  • This product is made in the U.S.A by a family owned and operated business. 

Features and benefits

  • Self-loading wheel dolly eliminates the need to jack a vehicle up with a floor jack to get an old-fashioned dolly underneath the tires. 
  • The ratcheting mechanism lifts the vehicle tires onto the rollers in three to four pumps, the company says. 
  • With a set of four GoJaks, one person can lift and position a vehicle in any direction. 
  • This unit allows users to move vehicles faster and with less people. 


Zendex founder and president Al Coccaro invented the GoJak Self-Loading Wheel Dolly out of necessity while working in his own shop, to allow him to quickly and efficiently move disabled cars into his shop and paint booths. 

Manufacturing specs

GoJaks are made in Danbury, Connecticut at the Zendex Tool Corp manufacturing facility. The structural components and pedal are fabricated in house from American Hot Rolled A36 structural steel, and parts are domestically sourced whenever possible. The GoJak SUV supports vehicles up to 7,000 lbs, with tire widths up to 16". The product weighs approximately 50 lbs. 

Storage and display

The product comes shipped one unit per box. Zendex recommends using their rolling car accessory (No. 456R), which will store a set of four GoJaks neatly and easily. 


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Suggested retail price

$349 per unit

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