An upgrade for organization

Mac Tools distributor Nick Del Rio focused on organization and functionality when designing his 2018 Freightliner M2.

Nick Del Rio has been a Mac Tools distributor for nine years.
Nick Del Rio has been a Mac Tools distributor for nine years.

Nick Del Rio is a Mac Tools distributor based in Bakersfield, California. He purchased his Freightliner M2 22’ wide body truck in June of 2018 after running out of space in his previous truck. Del Rio worked with Chris McHan of Summit Bodyworks to create a functional, organized truck that makes it easy for customers to find products.

“I really liked the layout of my previous truck [a 2004 18’ Freightliner MT45], so I kept it pretty similar,” Del Rio says. “I just needed more space, so that was the main reason I purchased this truck.”

The new truck is sleek, with a custom hat shelf above the walk through, flat beveled aluminum floor in the toolbox openings and diamond plate toe kicks throughout.

Del Rio has been selling Mac Tools for nine years, so when he designed his new truck, he knew exactly what he wanted.

“The truck is very nice to drive, thanks to a comfy seat and air ride suspension,” he says, an important detail when logging miles between shops. For the most part, though, Del Rio tries to keep his stops close to his home base to cut down on travel time. He reserves one day a week to visit out-of-town shops. His route consists of mostly automotive and oil industry shops, with a few agriculture and semi-truck dealers in the mix.

Del Rio’s key to success? Organization.

“When I display products on the truck, I try to keep all like items together,” he explains. “For example, all A/C items on the same shelf, all extractors together. I like to display sale items on a shelf that customers see as soon as they step onto the truck. It’s also a good spot to put items not on sale that I want to move.”

“One organizational tip I have is to keep your daily needs in plastic tubs marked for each day,” Del Rio adds. He keeps those tubs under his desk, so he knows exactly what he needs to get done each day.

He likes to keep his workspace clean and free of clutter.

“I have my daily needs list, computer and receipt printer on the desk,” he says. “I have a full sheet printer and older catalogs on a binder shelf above the desk, and my needs tubs under the desk.”

Del Rio keeps a dedicated workstation with 12V test lugs and an air test line, both custom upgrades. The workstation also houses ratchet repair kits and air fittings. Del Rio keeps one workstation drawer dedicated to miscellaneous repair parts, and another drawer for single sockets.

At his service counter, he keeps a monitor that allows him to show digital versions of sales fliers, or videos of new items.

“I keep impulse merchandise at my service counter to help drive bonus sales,” Del Rio says.

He keeps a beverage cooler stocked with energy drinks and a beef jerky drawer above the cooler for the same reason: to encourage add-on sales. “The fridge has helped me save space,” Del Rio says. “In my old truck I used an ice chest to sell drinks out of, and had to purchase ice daily in the summertime. The jerky drawer has worked out great as well. Sales have grown, I don’t need to stock as often and it’s easy to organize.”

But, as nice as Del Rio’s tool truck already is, he’s not done upgrading it. “I’m hoping to add a subwoofer and amp to the stereo soon,” he says.

For Del Rio, making the move to a bigger truck with the space to remain clutter-free has paid off. “My customers like the extra wide aisle and the organization of the shelves,” he says. “My truck has worked out great so far.”

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