Nagy’s Collision Specialists team attends networking, education sessions

Jan. 1, 2020
Managers from Nagy’s Collision Specialists participated in a two-day leadership retreat at BASF Corporation’s Fighting Island.
Managers from all eight locations of Nagy’s Collision Specialists in the Northeast Ohio area recently participated in a two-day leadership retreat at BASF Corporation’s Fighting Island. The training focused on business skills and professionalism, which included Leading for Performance, Working Styles & Social Styles sessions facilitated by Bill MacMartin of BASF and Wilson Learning. Outside of training, team members also participated in team-building activities such as bike rides around the island, golfing and trap shooting.

Nagy’s Collision Specialists, voted Fox 8 Hotlist’s Best Body Shop for the last 4 years, maintains a management philosophy to put customers first and stay on top of the latest processes and business operation systems to deliver the best service to the motoring public.

“Sending managers from all locations was the best way to ensure a consistently high level of customer service techniques at every Nagy’s Collision Specialist facility. Our growth in recent years is directly related to how we run each business and how well we take care of our customers,” said Ron Nagy, president. “Providing opportunities to our employees so they can provide the best care for our customers is a winning formula for everyone.”

BASF’s Fighting Island is part of the town of LaSalle, Ontario, Canada. It’s the largest of the Canadian islands on the Detroit River and is located opposite Wyandotte, Mich.

Originally populated by Natives, the island was settled by the French during the 18th century. Murno Gladst named it Fighting Island in the late 18th century, because he used it to attack passing British ships. In 1918, the land was bought by John B. Ford of the Michigan Alkali Co. to treat the effluent produced by the company. It later became Wyandotte Chemicals Corp., which was subsequently bought by BASF. Today, Fighting Island is privately owned by BASF. A current program running on the island is also used to teach elementary/secondary schools about biology and ecology.

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