RockPro windshield repair kits have hit the market

March 26, 2019
RockPro Enterprises has launched their innovative DIY windshield repair kits and they are rapidly taking over the market!

RockPro Enterprises has launched their innovative DIY windshield repair kits and they are rapidly taking over the market!

Specializing in windshield repair across the United States, RockPro's one-of-a-kind patented process is the best DIY solution to fixing pesky windshield chips and pits. They remove bigger chips, better and faster than any competitor on the market – all for a cheaper price!

Catering to both commercial fleets and retail shops across the country, RockPro's repair kits are popping up everywhere. Their new and improved approach to windshield repairs can be done by anyone – and we mean ANYONE! With an instructional video depicting a 4-year-old girl successfully repairing a chipped windshield in less than 10 minutes, they are proving their DIY kit is truly a DO IT YOURSELF SUCCESS!

RockPro is the only DIY windshield repair company that has taken weather into account. They offer a hot and cold cartridge option, easily interchangeable depending on the weather. The temperature outside can make a difference in how the resin sets to fill the windshield pits – something most windshield repair companies have overlooked. By offering a hot and cold cartridge option, RockPro users are guaranteed a successful chip repair process, no matter the time of year or circumstance.
RockPro has also made sure to make room for user errors. Make a mistake in your RockPro application? No problem! RockPro allows you to redo the repair process until you get the picture-perfect fix.

The RockPro commercial unit is on track to become the standard in the auto repair industry. This kit is perfect for automotive body shops, mobile glass repair companies, wholesale automotive supply stores and commercial fleets. With a big pit adapter and a corner adapter the commercial repair kit can be adjusted to repair larger pits and all types of corners and edges. For a total cost of $49.99, and with replacement cartridges as low as $1.75 each, the RockPro commercial unit is the most affordable and user-friendly windshield repair kit in the auto-repair industry.

The RockPro DIY unit is perfect for every garage, roadside emergency kit, and do-it-yourselfers. For a total cost of $19.99 they are the most affordable DIY windshield repair kit available today.
Using RockPro's patented repair kit is quick and easy, no matter your experience level. An instructional video can be found on their website at and detailed instructions are included with each kit. RockPro's repair kits have officially launched, and are stocked, so place your order now to ensure your shelves are stocked and your customers are guaranteed a successful chip repair process!

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