Cortec preserves the environment with corrosion-inhibiting papers

March 15, 2019
Cortec’s patented VpCI papers come from certified production which guarantees sustaining our valuable resources such as forests.

Respecting and preserving our natural environment has always been among most important values of Cortec® Corporation. Cortec’s patented VpCI® papers come from certified production which guarantees sustaining our valuable resources such as forests.

One of the most important premises of our company is preserving our surroundings for generations to come. This responsible approach begins with our base paper and ends with the finished products.  

Working with renewable resources is of enormous importance for us in order to deal with huge issue of environmental pollution. Waxed or polycoated papers are traditional moisture-resistant packaging options for corrosion related problems. However, such coated papers pose an environmental problem because they are not recyclable and repulpable. Even if recycled back into the pulp and paper stream, they would first have to go through a costly process of separating the paper base from the coating.

To avoid this environmental problem, Cortec’s offers fully recyclable/repulpable moisture barrier papers as excellent alternatives to polyethylene and wax papers. Using multi-metal VpCI papers enables protecting all kinds of metals with just one type of paper instead using a variety of them, being much more cost effective option. This high quality neutral/natural kraft paper will also prevent package contamination.

Cortec’s wide range of VpCI coated papers offer many renewable, recyclable, and fully-repulpable corrosion protection options in widths nearing  2.5 m (100 inches) for single item packaging, parts interleaving and more.

Cortec’s VpCI papers are coated with proprietary Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors for superior corrosion protection of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Papers do not contain hazardous ingredients such as fluorochemicals, nitrites, phosphates, silicones, chromates, or other heavy metals. They demonstrate superior performance in aggressive environments including humidity, SO2, and H2S. 

VpCI papers are created for very simple usage: there are no chemical calculations or application systems to maintain. Just wrap or interleave your metal parts in VpCI paper and fold the edges together so there is no free airflow. Adhesive tape can be used if needed to hold paper folds in place. VpCI molecules in the paper coating vaporize and condense in a protective molecular layer on the surfaces of metal enclosed inside the paper packaging. When components are removed from the paper, the VpCI molecules naturally float away from the metal, leaving behind a dry and ready-to-use surface.

Cortec VpCI papers include special varieties such as VpCI creped paper, reinforced paper, grease resistant paper, and ESD paper.

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