Motorcraft: Quality parts solve customer concerns and grow business

May 15, 2017
Following the 2016 relaunch of Ford’s Motorcraft parts brand – aimed at improving the customer experience through more competitive pricing and increased accessibility – Ford is sharing Motorcraft-driven success stories from technicians across the country.
Following the 2016 relaunch of Ford’s Motorcraft parts brand – aimed at improving the customer experience through more competitive pricing and increased accessibility – Ford is sharing Motorcraft-driven success stories from technicians across the country.
“When it comes down to it, technicians need products that help them do business successfully,” said Marc Liskey, North America Repair Product Planning Maintenance and Light Repair manager. “We work to ensure Motorcraft products meet both customer and installer needs, and sharing the stories of how Motorcraft parts have helped technicians solve problems for customers or grow their business is a great way to illustrate the many ways in which Motorcraft is working to meet and exceed the needs of all customers.” Ford called upon technicians nationwide for their input on how Motorcraft has helped them meet or exceed a customer need and/or grow their businesses. Excerpts from surveyed technicians, who have more than 188 years of combined experience, are summarized below.Anthony Vigliarolo
Service Manager, C&M Truck and Tire Repair Corp
Staten Island, NY
Anthony Vigliarolo has been servicing emergency vehicle fleets with Motorcraft parts for more than 30 years because he trusts Motorcraft above any other product on the market. Today, 85 percent of Anthony’s 10,000 customers spanning four states are fleet customers. Vigliarolo uses Motorcraft on 100 percent of the Ford and Lincoln vehicles that enter his shops. “If we can trust Motorcraft for use in servicing emergency vehicles, we know we can trust it to perform for the rest of our hard-working fleets,” he said. For Vigliarolo, it’s the assurance of using the best part available that drives the decision to use Motorcraft, but it’s more than the parts themselves. “In servicing fleet customers up and down the East Coast, it’s important to our customers that a water pump sold in New Jersey can be replaced under warranty in Connecticut or Maine a year and a half later,” said Vigliarolo.

That said, Vigliarolo cites the Motorcraft two-year unlimited mileage warranty* as one of the key selling points for Motorcraft parts. “Using Motorcraft has improved our profitability on repairs in part because customers trust us to do what’s needed, and come back to us each time there is a problem with peace of mind knowing that the parts are high quality and under an incredibly strong warranty.”

Kandy Kiehamer
Owner, Lakeview Custom Coach
Oaklyn, NJ

“Ten times out of ten, I will choose a Motorcraft part over an aftermarket part,” said Kandy Kiehamer. “Motorcraft parts are built to spec, so we avoid trouble with the parts over time,” said Kiehamer.

Kiehamer runs her shop based on what works for customers. When a customer came in recently with a cooling fan problem on a Lincoln Town Car, Kiehamer’s team discovered technicians from another shop used an ill-fitting aftermarket fan to solve the concern. The customer came to Kiehamer frustrated, and out a significant amount of money, only to find that the Lakeview Custom Coach team could quickly fix the problem using a built-to-spec Motorcraft part.

Josh Goodman
Goody’s Fleet Solutions
Tampa, Florida

Josh Goodman’s shop specializes in full fleet services and diesel repairs, and is happy to use Motorcraft parts. “At the end of the day, the parts we use reflect our brand. People come to Goody’s Fleet Solutions because they know they can trust our work, and we use Motorcraft because we know we can trust the product.”  

Goodman inherited an angry customer whose previous technician used the wrong filters on a fleet of plumbing trucks. Increasingly, parked trucks wouldn’t restart, resulting in stalled business and very unhappy plumbing customers. In the end, the customer came to Josh who identified that the o-rings on the aftermarket injectors were melting and ruining the engines in the process. Josh came in with Motorcraft parts and now manages the entire fleet on a regular basis. Instead of wasting money servicing a limping fleet of trucks, the company has reinvested the repair money saved in three new fleet vehicles.

Larry Perry
Magic Mechanic
Orlando, Florida

A customer brought in a car to Magic Mechanic for a misfire issue that a different shop attempted to fix by installing an aftermarket coil pack. Larry Perry replaced the aftermarket part not once, but twice and the problem persisted. Using an oscilloscope, he noticed an erratic wave in the voltage pattern and, with further testing, found the aftermarket coil’s resistance had been too low and caused the injector drive wire to overheat and melt, contributing to an intermittent short with the other wires in the harness. Larry fixed the underlying issue with a Motorcraft coil pack and the customer has been a loyal Magic Mechanic (and Motorcraft) customer ever since.

“My favorite customers are my ‘cradle to grave’ customers – the ones who bring you their brand new car for their first oil change, and the ones you scratch heads with 15 years later deciding whether to keep that same car running. This type of loyalty is only possible if you use the best parts, and for Ford and Lincoln vehicles, that means using Motorcraft.”

For 25 years, Larry has also hosted a radio show targeting everyone with a question about auto service and repair, from seasoned mechanics to DIY-ers. His show has been called the “Paul Revere of expert Saturday radio shows” and can be heard here:

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Ford hopes that stories like these will help spur additional tales of success from technicians and garages across the country. How have Motorcraft parts helped you build customers for life or improve your bottom line? Send us your story at

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