CAPA parts certification program goes to Korea

Aug. 5, 2014
CAPA, through an agreement with the Korean Insurance Development Institute and the Korean Automobile Parts Association, will introduce CAPA Certified parts to Korea.

CAPA signed an agreement with the Korean Insurance Development Institute (KIDI) and the Korean Automobile Parts Association to introduce CAPA Certified parts to Korea.

In announcing the program in Korea, representatives of KIDI stated, “This agreement has raised the credibility of the quality and function of replacement parts, raising expectations for active use of replacement parts both in general and for accident repairs, which would lead to a reduction in the maintenance expense for the Korean consumer.  By introducing the CAPA Quality Certification program on top of this, it is highly expected to stimulate sound competition in the automobile parts market, which would contribute to developing small and medium-sized enterprises and create jobs.”

The same technical requirements used by CAPA throughout the world, will be used in Korea and other countries,” said Jack Gillis, CAPA’s Executive Director.  “This means that CAPA Certified manufacturers are ready to go, when it comes to supplying high quality parts to the Korean market.”

By opening the door to high quality CAPA Certified parts, the Korean market will avoid the quality problems that have caused concerns in other markets.  “We especially appreciate our close working relationship with KIDI, the Korean counterpart to the well-respected U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS),” said Gillis

Through its Validator, Intertek, with locations in over 100 countries, CAPA standards are truly global.  This substantially increases the value of CAPA to manufacturers meeting the CAPA’s internationally respected Standards, and will increase the number of CAPA parts in all markets.  Intertek’s worldwide network of over 1,000 laboratories enables CAPA standards to protect consumers everywhere.

“CAPA manufacturers are part of the global economy and CAPA supports their efforts to supply international markets with CAPA Certified parts,” said Debbie Klouser, CAPA’s Director of Operations. “Because of its strength, legitimacy, reputation, and transparency—CAPA Certification can work anywhere there is a demand for quality aftermarket repair parts,” said Klouser.

For further information, contact [email protected]. 

The Certified Automotive Parts Association, founded in 1987, is the nation’s only independent, non-profit, certification organization for automotive crash parts whose sole purpose is to ensure that both consumers and the industry have the means to identify high quality parts via the CAPA Quality Seal. CAPA is an ANSI accredited standards developer for competitive crash repair parts. For more information see

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