Snapsheet debuts new mobile app for iPhone, Android platforms

Feb. 11, 2014
Snapsheet Inc., developer of the insurance industry’s first mobile insurance claims settlement solution, will begin rolling out a new customer-facing iPhone and Android mobile app next month to new and existing clients.
Snapsheet Inc., developer of the insurance industry’s first mobile insurance claims settlement solution, will begin rolling out a new customer-facing iPhone and Android mobile app next month to new and existing clients. The app boasts new technology that allows real-time uploading of an unlimited number of photos, even in low- or no-network conditions, enables unlimited and real-time self-service video upload capabilities, provides a more simple and user friendly interface, and optimization for the new iPhone and Android operating systems. Leveraging knowledge the company acquired by working for the past two years with top insurance carriers in handling and processing mobile claims, the app optimizes the self-service channel by increasing customer satisfaction while decreasing cycle time and customer support requirements.  The company’s patent pending technology enables policy holders with smartphones to receive estimates less than two hours after photo submission, view the estimate in the app, take an EFT cash payout or select a DRP shop from the carrier’s network. Most claims closed in under a day and with the average being closed in under two days. “We’ve seen other claim processing apps that have hit the market or are launching soon,” notes Brad Weisberg, Snapsheet CEO. “They utilize the technology and design we’ve been using since 2012, in mobile that amount of time is a lifetime. Our newly redesigned app leverages our two years of experience working with carriers to file and settle claims much faster. “The key is enabling the customer to settle the claim in the app, not just getting the photos and passing them on to an adjuster. Faster settlements lead to higher customer satisfaction levels, which builds carrier revenues through higher customer retention levels and the addition of new customers even by word-of-mouth alone,” Weisberg says. Snapsheet’s redesigned app uses iOS7 design standards to deliver a simple and intuitive user experience. However, the mobile app is available both for iPhone and Android platforms, opening up a full universe of potential customers to a growing roster of carrier partners. Snapsheet presently sees roughly a 60/40 split among the app’s iPhone and Android users respectively. With Apple launching a new OS every year and Android doing so on average twice yearly, it’s important for carriers to recognize not only the benefits, but also the underlying complexities of mobile claims processing apps.  Most apps need to be updated every month or two. Snapsheet follows this rigorous update schedule and allows clients to stay ahead of the mobile curve by providing full maintenance, updates and upgrades at no cost. But even the most up to date app is no use if insurers and claimants do not use it.

“There is a misconception that all you need to do is spend $30k to build an app, throw it into the app store and customers will clamor for it,” cautions CJ Przybyl, Snapsheet’s President. “The reality is that the whole system costs well over 100 times what you would expect and requires the entire claims organization—from management to the call centers—to be transformed in order to reap the true and full benefits of self-service claims settlement. On the technology side we rigorously test every feature before we launch a product. For example, we’ve intentionally omitted VIN scanning and video in the mobile app at this time because our testing found that customers become frustrated with the complex process and estimators don’t write any better of faster estimates with either of those features. While we have these features in the new app, we’re waiting for customers to catch up to the technology, especially when they’re using the app after a traumatic event such as an auto accident, simplicity is everything.
“Snapsheet has built an expertise not only as it relates to technology design, but more importantly in the implementation of a full solution that eases the burden on our carrier partners,” he says.
To help carriers launch mobile claims settlement quickly, the Snapsheet system enables simple implementation without the need for integration. A carrier can be fully up and running with Snapsheet’s mobile claims solution in under one month.
Snapsheet has also recently expanded its product line to help carriers transition to mobile claims settlement. The traditional Snapsheet self-service app enables carriers to send the app to customers, receive back an estimate within 3 hours of photos submission, and enables the customer to settle the claim directly in the mobile app. Snapsheet TSO enables the exact same process only with the carriers estimators providing the estimate. The customer is still able to settle the claim in the app and Snapsheet provides overflow and CAT estimating services. Snapsheet has also recently launched products to service in-person appraisals, non-drivable vehicles and total loss vehicles. More information on these products can be obtained from the Snapsheet sales team.
Snapsheet’s new product launched follow closely on the heels of investors funneling an additional $10 million into the company. Snapsheet plans to continue investment in mobile, infrastructure to enable further product line expansions and the hiring of experienced repair estimators.
About Snapsheet Inc.:
Snapsheet is the industry's first mobile insurance claims solution, currently working with the top insurance carriers in the country. Snapsheet's patent pending technology streamlines the fragmented claims process of obtaining an estimate and settling a claim. From the moment a claim is filed to settlement, Snapsheet's self-service mobile claims solution empowers the customer to obtain an estimate and settle the claim using a smartphone. With dedicated customer support specialists and world-class estimators, Snapsheet is the leading partner of auto insurance carriers as they transition to a self-service claims model rooted in mobile technology.

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