Green Garage Challenge to host jobber webinars

Feb. 7, 2014
EPA Green Garage Challenge announced a webinar series to teach parts and paint suppliers about standards, practices and benefits for marketing green rated products and equipment.
Managers of the EPA Green Garage Challenge announced a series of webinars designed to teach automotive parts and paint suppliers about established standards, practices and benefits for marketing green rated products and equipment. The monthly program is designed to educate the next generation of jobbers on how to support the evolving hybrid and alternative fuel vehicle market. Participants can discover a wide range of state-of-the-art-technology covering eco-friendly vehicle service and repair equipment, products and processes that are critical to the success of today’s shop owner. The objective for each session (15-min news/ 30-min presentation/ 15-min Q&A) is to reinforce the Green Garage Challenge in support of various local, municipal and government sustainability programs throughout the U.S. and Canada. As national attention is placed on energy efficiency and pollution prevention in the automotive industry, organizations need to ensure that their message to the public is sincere, truthful and more credible than ever. Some national drivers, including Greenhouse Gas reporting will mean that companies need to prepare to disclose their data if they are not already, and for those that are reporting they need to focus on the strength of public perception. These webinars will outline how you can create legitimate communications that are easy to understand for maximum effectiveness. Each webinar will feature industry leaders that present:  How a product or service helps the environment;  What are the green metrics of the product or service;  How to measure green savings and sustainability;  What products qualify for rebates and subsidies; and  How to disseminate green ratings for marketing and advertising. This educational series is sponsored by the EPA ENERGY STAR® campaign to encourage public support for vehicle service and repair shop owners that lower their energy usage and reduce the risks of environmental pollution. Auto industry suppliers, representatives and associates who want to learn more about green rated products, services and equipment can visit:, or sign up for webinars in advance at: Information about the Green Garage Challenge:

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