uParts trademarks procurement efficiency index

Jan. 21, 2014
uParts, Inc., has trademarked “Procurement Efficiency” and developed an index called Procurement Efficiency Index or PEI.
uParts, Inc., an independent provider of cloud-based parts procurement solutions to the collision repair industry announced that it has trademarked “Procurement Efficiency” and developed an index called Procurement Efficiency Index or PEI.  With PEI, uParts evaluates all aspects of the parts transaction to produce a single score from one to ten that measures supplier performance.  Repair shops use PEI to evaluate and manage their suppliers.

“We are pleased to introduce a simple and objective measurement to help our collision repair partners gain visibility into their suppliers’ performance.  We are proud the US Patent Office has recognized our approach as unique and granted our trademark,” stated Alex Adegan, Founder & CEO of uParts. “From the beginning our focus has been on efficiency in the parts procurement process. As a result of our tireless collaboration with many leading collision repairers and suppliers, we now have the first major new Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for our industry in over a decade.  Parts have gradually grown to represent almost half of the repair cost, and yet no one has been able to measure their impact on the repair process – until now. PEI compliments Cycle-time and CSI by objectively measuring supplier performance on each and every part transaction.”

“Do you know your suppliers’ PEI Scores? You should,” stated Michael Quinn, President of uParts.  “Your low scoring suppliers are likely causing major delays in your repair cycle-time.  With this new measurement repairers are improving efficiency by adopting the uParts solution,” concluded Quinn.

uParts is designed to capture and time-stamp every one of the dozens of transactions and interactions between shops and their suppliers that make up a collision repair order. In addition to time-stamps, other details are available so one can drill-down to review individual performance for each function. This data is utilized in the calculation of PEI to measure suppliers on criteria such as their responsiveness, depth of inventory, delivery time, return rates, part quality, and others. The component scores are then combined to yield a single PEI score for each supplier, enabling repairers to objectively evaluate and compare them.

uParts has been embraced by leading repair organizations because it reduces repair time, saves money and improves supplier performance. With the introduction of PEI, repairers now have a new KPI to measure and further improve their operations. “When you have a process, and an electronic tool to monitor the process, now you can find out where the process broke down and where you have failures so that you can get better,” said Randy Stabler, CEO of Pride Auto Body in Los Angeles. “Prior to uParts, we had no visibility on that.”      

About uParts
Headquartered in Irvine, California, uParts is revolutionizing the repair industry through its independent cloud-based platform where auto parts are systematically identified, effectively located, and electronically procured through suppliers of the shop’s choice. uParts automates the entire procurement process for its repair shops and part suppliers by seamlessly integrating into their legacy applications and providing an intuitive transaction and communications portal. It is a platform designed to allow technology to assist repair facilities while delivering major efficiency gains.

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