Tech Tip: Consider features that increase ease-of-use in the shop

Using tools with an attached light makes a technician's work easier as they won't have to balance a tool in each hand.

W7172 High Torque Impact Wrench Axle Nut A5 (003)

One feature that makes it easier for technicians to work is a light ring on an impact wrench. Impacts with a task light alleviate technicians balancing the impact and a light in their other hand while working in cramped spaces in the car or under the hood. For example, the W5133 Compact Impact Wrench and the W7172 Cordless Impact Wrench from Ingersoll Rand have a Chip-on-Board LED task light. Additionally, using a light ring with a range of 360-degrees will help technicians eliminate shadows in the area that they are working.

Information provided by Ingersoll Rand 

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